Part B Indicator Data Display Wizard

IDC developed the Part B Indicator Data Display Wizard to help states visualize data from their SPP/APR. This tool uses Microsoft Excel to provide users with various chart options in order to display complex data by entering the data in a user-friendly, easy-to-follow format. Many of the charts are dynamic and automatically update based on the data the user enters into the tool. States can easily transfer the charts to other programs to meet their reporting needs based on the audience, message, and purpose of the desired report or presentation. 

IDC has created templates for Part B Indicators 1-14. We did not create templates for the dispute resolution indicators, B15 and B16. If you need assistance with those indicators, please reach out to your IDC State Liaison.

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Why, What, Who, and HOW: Improving State Reporting of Local Performance

This toolkit provides an overview of the public reporting requirements in IDEA Section 616 and provides suggestions to present local performance in easy-to-understand formats. SEAs and Part C lead agencies (LAs) must report on the annual performance of their LEAs and early childhood local programs on the targets in the SPP. The toolkit includes the Section 616 legislation and provides information about the why, what, who, and how of state reporting of local performance data.

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Part C Indicator Data Display Wizard

This Version 2.0 of the Data Display Wizard creates data displays based on user entry of SPP/APR data. The tool gives users various options for displaying that data. LA staff can use this tool to engage with various stakeholders on how to best display reported SPP/APR data based on the audience, message, and purpose of the desired report or presentation.