Meet the Center

Meet the Center

The IDEA Data Center at Westat is funded by the U.S. Department of Education’s Office of Special Education Programs. We work with states to improve IDEA data collection and reporting and support states as they analyze and use these data to make programmatic improvements.

Our Values

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    We are partnership focused.

    IDC provides a comprehensive set of services to states and, working in conjunction with states, to locals. Our approach to the delivery of these services centers on developing and maintaining strong relationships with states, which makes it possible for our highly skilled TA providers to deliver effective, state-centric TA services and products that tackle existing and emerging needs.

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    We understand.

    Challenged by shifting federal and state landscapes and frequent staff turnover, we appreciate that states require individualized supports to effectively implement needed changes while fulfilling current responsibilities. Our team’s deep data quality and other content expertise, strengthened by the practical experience of TA providers, most of whom are former state and local staff, allow us to support states where they are, providing timely supports to address emerging challenges.

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    We prioritize innovative yet practical solutions.

    We create and share practical and easy-to-use solutions that streamline processes and build capacity to address complex data issues. We share these solutions in our individualized work with state teams as well as in small, interactive groups, such as our peer-to-peer exchanges and workshops and, more broadly, through our national institutes, webinars, state-of-the-art website, and social media outreach efforts.

We are very excited about the IDEA Data Center and its efforts to support states in collecting, reporting, analyzing and using high-quality data to determine how best to improve results for children with disabilities.

—Richelle Davis
OSEP Project Officer for IDC 

Our Leadership Team

  • Julie Bollmer
    Julie Bollmer Director
  • Tom Fiore
    Tom Fiore Director
  • Jeanna Mullins
    Jeanna Mullins Deputy Director
  • Kay Gallagher
    Kay Gallagher Resources and Communication Manager
  • Laura Taylor
    Laura Taylor Resources and Communication Manager
  • Mike Abell
    Mike Abell Collaboration and Coordination Manager
  • Lee Anne Sulzberger
    Lee Anne Sulzberger Project Manager
  • Linda Lynch
    Linda Lynch Quality Assurance Manager
  • Bethany Howell
    Bethany Howell Evaluation Manager
  • Danielle Crain
    Danielle Crain TA Services Lead
  • Jennifer Schaaf
    Jennifer Schaaf TA Services Lead
  • Nancy O’Hara
    Nancy O’Hara TA Services Lead

Our Partners

Westat is proud to partner with the following organizations to implement the IDEA Data Center.

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