3:00 PM - 4:00 PM on March 25, 2021

Setting Baselines and Targets in a World of Questionable Data Quality

  • Webinar
  • Online

All states are developing a new SPP/APR. They may consider new baselines, as appropriate, and must set targets for results indicators. This baseline and target setting will be complicated because states collected and reported the most recent SPP/APR data available during the COVID-19 school closures, which affected the completeness, accuracy, and quality of the data. With these issues in mind, IDC presenters shared considerations for determining baselines and strategies states may use to set targets for SPP/APR indicators. Two states took a dive into several SPP/APR indicators to share their plans for setting baselines and targets and engaging their stakeholders in the process.

Tony Ruggiero
Nancy O'Hara
Jody Fields
Cindy Brown DE

United States