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    Part B State Performance Plan/Annual Performance Report 2019 Indicator Analyses

    The Part B State Performance Plan/Annual Performance Report 2019 Indicator Analyses presents a national quantitative picture of the implementation of Part B of IDEA based on a review of information 60 states and jurisdictions reported in the FFY 2017 APRs and amended SPPs they submitted to OSEP in spring 2019.

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    The Uses and Limits of Data: Supporting Data Quality With a Strong Data Chain

    This online learning module provides a general overview of how the methods and design of data collection and analysis affect interpretation of the data. The module presents the different links in the data chain (e.g., defining the question, measurement strategy) and describes how each link contributes to quality of data and data analyses. The module also includes examples from a selection of Part B and Part C SPP/APR indicators to illustrate how each step in the data chain contributes to the integrity of the data and its interpretation

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    A Critical Look at SSIP Phase III Reporting

    This workshop provided an opportunity for participants to critique and discuss sample SSIP report excerpts. Guided table discussions focused on identifying strengths and ways to improve the presentation of data for a robust and succinct SSIP. States had an opportunity to develop action steps for completing their SSIP Phase III Year 2 report.

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    It’s All About the Data: Keys to Creating a Robust & Succinct SSIP Report

    This session focused on OSEP’s guidance for the 2018 SSIP Phase III, Year 2 reporting. The presenters addressed the importance of data quality for assessing progress implementing the SSIP and achieving the SiMR. The presenters reviewed the updated measurement language for Indicator B17 in the state’s APR and highlighted resources available to states as they organize the SSIP submission. This presentation emphasized the importance of having, using, and understanding high-quality data to inform decisionmaking at all levels of the education system. Such informed decisionmaking is necessary to support ongoing implementation of the SSIP; justify changes to strategies, timelines, and outcomes; and help communicate the state’s SSIP activities in a robust yet succinct report.

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    Assessing and Improving Your SSIP Data Quality to Support Your Results

    This workshop engaged participants in identifying data quality issues that interfere with assessing progress in SSIP implementation and improvement toward the SiMR. A facilitated discussion focused on strategies for improving data quality to support decisionmaking and achievement of results.

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    Understanding Data Quality in the Context of the State Systemic Improvement Plan

    During this session, the presenter applied IDC’s working principles of high-quality data to the SSIP. The presenter focused on applying the principles of data quality at each step in the SSIP evaluation.

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    Part B State Performance Plan/Annual Performance Report 2016 Indicator Analyses

    The Part B State Performance Plan/Annual Performance Report 2016 Indicator Analyses presents a national picture of the implementation of IDEA based on a review of information 60 states and jurisdictions reported in their FFY 2014 APRs and amended SPPs that they subsubmitted to OSEP in spring of 2016.