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    An IDC Resource

    Format: Applications and Spreadsheets

    EDFacts IDEA Discipline Data Infographic

    The EDFacts IDEA Discipline Data Infographic provides basic information about the EDFacts file specifications states use to submit IDEA Discipline data to the U.S. Department of Education. The infographic outlines details about Discipline data for children and youth with disabilities ages 3 through 21 that states must include in their annual submission of EDFacts files FS005, FS006, FS007, FS088, FS143, and FS144. 

    An IDC Resource

    Format: Presentations

    Overview of IDEA Discipline Data Reporting Infographic

    The presentation reviewed a new TA tool that summarizes the basics of reporting IDEA discipline data in the six EDFacts file formats. Presenters described and demonstrated the new IDC infographic, discussed how SEAs and LEAs can use it to improve the quality of their discipline data, and requested audience input.