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    Format: Online Applications

    The Uses and Limits of Data: Supporting Data Quality With a Strong Data Chain

    This online learning module provides a general overview of how the methods and design of data collection and analysis affect interpretation of the data. The module presents the different links in the data chain (e.g., defining the question, measurement strategy) and describes how each link contributes to quality of data and data analyses. The module also includes examples from a selection of Part B and Part C SPP/APR indicators to illustrate how each step in the data chain contributes to the integrity of the data and its interpretation

    Format: Recordings

    Improving Data Quality in Part C Family and Part B Parent Surveys Webinar

    The webinar provided an overview of survey methodology data issues. It was designed to help participants improve their knowledge about survey development and testing, representativeness, and response rates related to family surveys in Part C and Part B. The webinar was designed for individuals involved in measurement of Indicators C4 and B8 and those interested in survey methodologies as part of the SSIP.