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    An IDC Resource

    Format: Presentations

    Standards, Assessments, and Indicator 3: A Landscape of the States to Facilitate Interactive Discussions on Data Quality Challenges for Indicator 3

    Members of IDC's Tools and Products Assessment workgroup presented an overview of states and entities across several pertinent variables: a) current information on each state's standards, current state assessments, and assessment plans; and b) 2011-12 information on Part B Indicator 3. Presenters conducted an interactive discussion identifying data quality issues around Indicator 3 and solicited suggestions for tools and products to improve data quality for this indicator.

    An IDC Resource

    Format: Guides and Briefs

    Unpacking and Understanding Part B SPP/APR Indicator 3D

    The purpose of this resource is to unpack Part B SPP/APR Indicator 3D to better understand how to use Indicator 3D results to improve outcomes for all children with IEPs. This resource guides the reader through Indicator 3D, including how to calculate it; information on the setting/resetting of its baselines and targets; and considerations when analyzing, reporting, and using Indicator 3D data. As an aid to deepen learning, this resource includes examples with fictitious data.