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  • This webinar focused on best practices for public reporting of IDEA data and important questions for states to consider when planning visualizations of their data. These questions include: Who is your audience and what is your message? What design...

    3:00 PM on May 19, 2020
    4:00 PM on May 19, 2020
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    May 19
    IDC Sponsored Event
  • The Business Rules Documentation Protocol is a customizable Excel template that states can use for documenting, recording, and communicating existing business rules or data quality validation checks they perform during the collection and validation...

    • Toolkits and Templates
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  • The Part B Indicator Data Display Wizard will create data displays based on user entry of SPP/APR data that gives users various options for displaying that data. SEA staff can use this tool to engage with various stakeholders on how to best display...

    • Checklists, Crosswalks, and Rubrics
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