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  • All states are developing a new SPP/APR. They may consider new baselines, as appropriate, and must set targets for results indicators. This baseline and target setting will be complicated because states collected and reported the most recent SPP/APR...

    3:00 PM on March 25, 2021
    4:00 PM on March 25, 2021
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    Mar 25
  • The IDEA Part B Confidentiality Checklist can aid state and local agencies in identifying actions, policies, and procedures needed to meet confidentiality provisions outlined in the IDEA Part B, 20 U.S.C. §1400.

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  • The Business Rules Documentation Protocol is a customizable Excel template that states can use for documenting, recording, and communicating existing business rules or data quality validation checks they perform during the collection and validation...

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  • The Importance of High-Quality Data and the Role of Business Rules instructional video provides a brief introduction to the concept of using business rules to promote and support the collection of high-quality data within state and local systems for...

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  • This white paper focuses on considerations that could lead Part C or Part B state agencies to propose a change in their SIMR baselines or targets. It defines baselines and targets in the context of SSIP, illustrates the importance of baselines and...

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