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Integrating Qualitative Data Analysis Into Your Continuous Improvement Efforts

Interactive Institutes 2018—Building a Culture of High-Quality Part B Data

When used together, qualitative and quantitative data provide strong evidence for change and can better inform continuous improvement efforts. This workshop focused on ways to conduct meaningful qualitative analysis and use it effectively with quantitative analysis. Participants had the opportunity to learn more about specific approaches to qualitative analysis and how to apply those approaches to an example dataset. Presenters then asked participants to think critically about how to use both qualitative and quantitative analysis to interpret and effectively present data.

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  • Published:
    May 9, 2018
  • Authors:
    Hadley Moore, Jennifer Schaaf
  • Organizations:
    IDEA Data Center
  • Format:
  • Number of Pages:
    23 pages.
  • Topics:
    Part B
  • Tags:
    Qualitative Data

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