It’s All About the Data: Keys to Creating a Robust & Succinct SSIP Report

This session focused on OSEP’s guidance for the 2018 SSIP Phase III, Year 2 reporting. The presenters addressed the importance of data quality for assessing progress implementing the SSIP and achieving the SiMR. The presenters reviewed the updated measurement language for Indicator B17 in the state’s APR and highlighted resources available to states as they organize the SSIP submission. This presentation emphasized the importance of having, using, and understanding high-quality data to inform decisionmaking at all levels of the education system. Such informed decisionmaking is necessary to support ongoing implementation of the SSIP; justify changes to strategies, timelines, and outcomes; and help communicate the state’s SSIP activities in a robust yet succinct report.

Interactive Institutes 2018—Building a Culture of High-Quality Part B Data