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FAQ - Disclosure Avoidance - IDEA Early Childhood

This document is intended to provide guidance to IDEA Part C early intervention and Part B 619 preschool special education agencies and programs on effective strategies for protecting PII from education records in aggregate reports. The paper provides suggestions on how to ensure that necessary confidentiality requirements are met, including compliance with FERPA and IDEA.

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    FAQ - Disclosure Avoidance - IDEA Early Childhood
  • Published:
    Sep 8, 2017
  • Organizations:
    Center for IDEA Early Childhood Data Systems
  • Format:
    Reference Materials
  • Topics:
    Part B, Part B - 619, Part C, Privacy and Confidentiality, Public Reporting of IDEA Data
  • Tags:
    FERPA, Privacy, Public Reporting, Disclosure Avoidance, Part B, Part C

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