Making the Right Call: Improving State Capacity to Meet the Data Collection and Reporting Requirements

OSEP has funded four national TA Centers to offer resources and TA to help improve the capacity of states to meet the IDEA data collection and reporting requirements. The TA Centers focus on distinct but also overlapping areas. Most importantly, the Centers are working together to make sure that each state receives the best TA the Centers can provide. This flyer is meant to help states better understand the content focus of the four TA Centers whose support will build state capacity to use high-quality data to improve outcomes for children with disabilities: CIFR, CIID, IDC, and DaSy.

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Early Childhood IDEA Centers On Call

This document is meant to help states better understand the content focus of six TA Centers OSEP funds to provide help with early childhood IDEA issues—DaSy, ECPC, ECTA, IDC, NCPMI, and NCSI.

An IDC Resource

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IDC and PSC: Whom Do I Call and When?

IDC and the Partner Support Center (PSC) are both available to help states with IDEA Part B 618 data needs. However, each center has a different primary purpose. This resource helps guide states about contacting IDC or PSC when they have Part B 618 data questions or concerns.