IDEA Section 618 Data Products: State Level Data Files

OSEP has released 10 new 2017-18/ 2018 data files on the IDEA Section 618 Data Products website, including:

  • SY 2018 Part B Child Count and Educational Environments
  • SY 2017-18 Part B Personnel
  • SY 2017-18 Part B Exiting
  • SY 2017-18 Part B Discipline
  • SY 2017-18 Part B Assessment
  • SY 2017-18 Part B Dispute Resolution
  • FFY 2017/ SY 2017-18 LEA MOE Reduction and CEIS
  • 2018-19 Part C Child Count and Settings
  • 2017-18 Part C Exiting
  • 2017-18 Part C Dispute Resolution

(NOTE: A user may find it easier to download the comma separated value (CSV) data files from Internet Explorer.)

Additionally, OSEP has released documentation associated with these data files, including:

  • Data Documentation Files which will provide information about the data elements and format of the data files; and
  • Data notes associated with the IDEA Section 618 data files.

Finally, OSEP has released static tables associated with these data files. These static tables provide commonly used percentages associated with the IDEA Section 618 data. Please note we have added a new static table based on the new data elements in the LEA MOE Reduction and CEIS data file

As a reminder, the IDEA Section 618 data are displayed and published in a number of other user-friendly forms in the following locations:

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