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IDC provides a wide range of resources for a broad state audience. IDC designed this page to meet the unique needs of data managers.

Tools and Resources

Timely Resources

In this section, you can find resources to help your state improve timeliness, accuracy, completeness, and usability of IDEA data. IDC will update these resources regularly to ensure the most relevant and timely ones are at your fingertips.

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    : 618 Data Collection Calendar

    The 618 Data Collection Calendar outlines monthly tasks for 618 data collection reports to help states submit timely, accurate, and complete data. Activities for each data collection report are relevant to upcoming data submissions or previous data submissions for individual months, helping states effectively plan for 618 data collection reports. 

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    : SEA Data Processes Toolkit

    Using the SEA Data Processes Toolkit to document data processes for all 616 and 618 data collections will establish a well-managed process for data collection, validation, and submission. In collaboration with IDC State Liaisons, states can use the toolkit to create and maintain a culture of high-quality data and establish and support consistent practices that produce valid and reliable data, while building the capacity of state staff. 

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    : 2023 Quick References for IDEA Part B Data

    This updated resource contains basic information about IDEA data collections, data systems, and how to access resources for IDEA data.

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    : IDEA Part B Data Manager Competencies

    The IDEA Part B Data Manager Competencies tool outlines foundational knowledge and skills necessary for typical data manager roles and responsibilities. The competencies reflect principles for effective management, support, and use of high-quality IDEA Part B data and fall under one of three overarching categories: content knowledge and skills, technical knowledge and skills, and interpersonal skills. 

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    : SPP/APR Indicator Card

    IDC has created a laminated card that states can use when referring to the Part B SPP/APR Indicators. Indicator cards are available for the FFY 2019 SPP/APR and for the FFY2020-2025 SPP/APR. The front of the card has the Part B Indicators and the back includes information about the SSIP Indicator B17. States can contact their IDC State Liaisons for more information or to obtain the card. Information on IDC State Liaisons is available at the IDC website TA page.

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    : Coordinated Early Intervening Services (CEIS) Fiscal and Student Data Tracker

    The Coordinated Early Intervening Services (CEIS) Fiscal and Student Data Tracker is a set of four tools SEAs can use with their districts, schools, and providers to assist them in tracking the finances, services, and student data associated with CEIS. IDC and CIFR produced the CEIS Tracker. The resource also includes an instructions document or user's guide for more information about when and how to use the CEIS Tracker.

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    : SEA Edit Check and Data Display Tools for IDEA 618 Part B Data

    IDC presents the SEA Edit Check and Data Display Tools for IDEA 618 Part B Data to help states prepare their Part B data submissions. States can use these tools to review the contents of their IDEA 618 EDFacts Part B personnel, exiting, discipline and child count and educational environment data for children ages 3–5 (FS089) and students ages 6–21 (FS002) prior to submission to the EDFacts Submission System or ESS. The tools apply edit checks and identify potential errors in subtotals or totals in the data files. In addition, the tools provide user-friendly summaries of the 618 data. The tools are enhanced versions of the SEA Edit Check and Data Display Tools for personnel, exiting, discipline, and child count and educational environment data. The main difference is the enhanced edit check tools require states to directly copy and paste the EDFacts data files they will submit to ESS as opposed to manually entering data into an Excel file in a format that is different than the one required for submission to ESS.

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